Who are we 

Action in rural Sussex (AirS)  - Established in 1931 , AirS is an independent charity and part of the national Rural Community Council Network. Our vision is for a thriving, economically active rural Sussex full of choice and opportunities for everyone, regardless of their circumstances.

  • The past couple of years have been particularly challenging. It has however, also been an opportunity to reflect on what is important and - perhaps – what more could be done to address some of the great challenges of our times. We at Action in rural Sussex are keen to hear from the rural communities we serve. What is your vision for a resilient and more sustainable future?

  • Communities are addressing climate change in diverse ways and your community is a place and space where you can genuinely make a big difference. When we join these local activities together, we generate massive change globally. 

  • Your community has no doubt faced issues associated with modern times whether it is a loss of services and facilities locally, fuel poverty, or pollution. Equally you may have seen benefits from change with better communication, more interest in community life and how we look after ourselves and our future.

  • The Pandemic has shown us that having good local facilities, strong support networks and access to outdoor space and nature can alleviate pressure at a time of crisis and unforeseen circumstances.

  • Different people and communities define resilience differently – it might mean having to cope after negative experience or bouncing back from a challenge. It can mean preparing well for change or being able to positively affect the future.

  • This survey is an opportunity for you to consider further what resilience means to you and within your community. To look at your local strengths and weaknesses, and to identify areas that the community wishes to work on together, to become more resilient and sustainable.