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York is now part of the Age Friendly Network which means we work towards ensuring that people are able to live healthy and active lives as they grow older. We want older residents to become active healthy citizens involved in, shaping the place they live in by working alongside local groups, councils and businesses to identify and make changes to both the physical and social environment. We will look at the Age Friendly Network statements to establish an understanding of where we are now and what we want to achieve going forward. The areas we will look at in order are: Getting Out & About; Your Time; Your Information; Your Home and Your Services.

We have already consulted with Getting Out & About and Your (Leisure) Time and have had some very rich information. However it is an Age Friendly York principal that it is never a wrong time to have your say so we continue to gather feedback to inform the action plan with key findings being published. You can complete any of the Age Friendly York surveys.

We now want to find out your views about “Your (Employment) Time”. This will take about up to 10-15 minutes to complete, plus time for any additional comments, which we would welcome. Who should fill in the survey:

1.   You live in York and are working age and are 50 years old or over
2.   You live in York and no longer work but would wish to consider this
3.   You work for an organisation that meets the interest of older people in York
4.   You are part of a volunteer group that engages with older people
5.   You are a business in York that employs staff

If you have any questions or would prefer a paper version of the survey please contact or telephone Carl Wain on 01904 554595.

Our survey asks for some personal information which you may choose not to give. We do not publish or share any information which can identify you. Please read our privacy notice to find out more about how we protect your personal information. We will ask for your consent to this at the start of the survey.

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