Introduction and context

The Green Paper is an opportunity for BASW to influence the Department of Health and Social Care on how social work can best contribute to health and social care. It is also an opportunity to give our views on how adult social care can be improved.
BASW are creating a Position Statement on adult social work and social care in advance of the publication of  the Green Paper. On World Social Work day the Health and Social Care Minister Jeremy Hunt announced that the Green Paper would cover seven principles:

1. Quality
2. Whole person integrated care
3. Control
4. Respect for the workforce
5. Supporting families and carers 
6. A sustainable funding model for social care, supported by a diverse, vibrant and stable market
7. Security for all

We would like your views on the following questions, which make reference to the seven principles:


* 1. The Green Paper needs to address person centred care for adults and carers that respects their human rights

* 2. The Green Paper needs to address joined-up health and social work practice

* 3. The Green Paper needs to address the role of social work in embedding person-centred, strength based practice and community development in social work

* 4. The Green Paper needs to address social workers working conditions

* 5. I think that the Green Paper needs to address sustainability of funding of care for adults and carers 

* 6. I think that the Green Paper should address diversity and anti oppressive practice for people who use social care services

* 7. I think that the Green Paper needs to address the provision of adequate and fair resources in adult social care

* 8. What questions do people who use services raise with you?

* 9. Any other issues?

* 10. Thank you very much for answering the questions. Your responses will be very helpful. If you would like us to contribute further to the BASW Position Paper please supply an e mail address below and your name. This will be treated with strictest confidence.
Thank you Joe Godden Professional Officer