Welcome to the first Adoption Barometer survey - a stock-take of adoption in the 21st century.

Your responses to this survey will contribute to a flagship report, to be published by Adoption UK this summer. The report will provide a true snapshot of the adoption landscape across the UK, reflecting the lived experiences of adoptive families and providing us with evidence to speak up for the support and policy changes you need.

Whether you are a prospective adopter, or many years along in your adoption journey, we want to hear your views. This is a thorough survey, so please take your time, and complete each section as fully as possible.

We will be repeating this survey every year from now on. This first survey focuses on your experiences in 2018, because we need a specific timeframe in order to compare results in future years and look at how things are changing. Each year we will look at your experiences in the previous 12 months.

For best results we recommend that you complete the survey on a larger screen  device, e.g. a laptop. If you are using a smaller screen (e.g. a phone) turn it on its side for best results. Some questions will require that you scroll across the screen to see all the options.

We will begin with some general questions about you and your family. This information will help us to better understand the varied experiences of different groups of adopters and prospective adopters.

Please answer for yourself. If you are parenting with a partner, they may choose to complete the survey separately.

The survey is anonymous, though if you want us to be able to stay in touch you can leave your email address at the end.

All of your answers will be stored confidentially and securely.

Question Title

* 1. In 2018, were you an adoptive parent of a child or children aged 0-25, or a prospective adopter undergoing an approvals or matching process?