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Adoption UK is a charity providing support, community and advocacy for those parenting children who cannot live with their birth families and adopted people. We connect people, provide support and training, and campaign for improvements to adoption policy and practice.

Each year, Adoption UK publishes The Adoption Barometer - a major report which aims to capture the experiences of adoptive families in a single calendar year.

This year, The Adoption Barometer report will be focusing in more detail on experiences of maintaining continuing relationships with members of adopted children and young people's birth families.

Adopted children, young people and adults experience the lifelong consequences of decisions that are made, almost always without their input, about maintaining contact with birth family members, and the support, or lack of support that is on offer. As such, this survey aims to gather the views of adopted adults on this sensitive but important issue.

There are questions about childhood, whether or not you had the opportunity to remain in contact with any member of your birth family, and also about tracing and reconnecting with birth family members later in life.

The questions focus on the support that may or may not have been available to you, either in childhood or as an adult. We will not ask you any personal questions about the specifics of any relationships with members of your birth family which you may have.

This is a sensitive subject area and we recognise that sharing your experiences in this way can have implications for wellbeing and mental health.

If you would like to access support or advice, you will find more information on Adoption UK's website.

The survey will take around 15 minutes to complete. 

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* 1. Are you an adopted adult, aged 18 or over, currently living in the UK, or having spent your childhood in the UK?

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