Local authorities and their partners in the North East are working together to try and improve adoption services for adopters and children, and developing plans for a regional adoption agency (RAA) that would work across the five local authorities. This constitutes an exciting opportunity to make significant changes to the way services are currently provided.

Adopt North East are collecting the views of people who have adopted or who are in the process of adopting to help us improve services for adopters. Children and young people have been consulted separately and have produced a film which can be used to increase awareness of the issues affecting young people and their families.

Completing this survey will give you an opportunity to let us know about the issues that are important to you and to let us know what ways, if any, you would like to be involved in future consultations and provision of services. It should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.  Please complete the survey as openly and honestly as possible. Your individual results will be anonymous unless you agree to further contact with us.

* 1. At what stage in the adoption process are you currently?

* 2. If you have adopted a child or have a child placed have you adopted

17% of survey complete.