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Welcome to the York’s consultation for the implementation of an Additional Licensing Scheme. Please read our report Considering the case for additional licensing of houses in multiple occupation  before answering the survey.  

This is the second consultation that the Council has carried out on a proposed additional HMO licensing scheme. The outcome of that consultation was that there was broad support for the proposals but that a  second detailed consultation was necessary allowing people who are likely to be affected by the proposals another opportunity to make further comments. Some of the key responses from the first consultation have been included in this updated report including information provided by the Citizens’ Advice York and the University of York Students’ Union report called “Students’ Experiences of Private Rented Housing in York” and the concerns raised in the letter by York Residential Landlords Association. Detailed analysis of the results from both consultation exercises will be included in the final report to the Executive prior to any decision being made.

The report seeks to ensure that those persons who would be likely to be affected are consulted upon are clearly aware:

A. The evidence used to determine the proposed designation and how an additional licensing scheme would seek to improve standards and management of HMOs in these wards where other action has been ineffective in doing so
B. Which wards are being proposed to be included in the designation namely Hull Road ward, Guildhall ward, Fishergate ward, Clifton, Heworth ward, Micklegate ward, Osbaldwick and Derwent ward and Fulford and Heslington
C. What the proposed scheme looks like, including the type of HMOs to be included, the draft conditions being proposed and fee structure

This consultation commences on 22nd of October 2021 and will close on 31st of December 2021. 

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