The South East London Cancer Alliance Network is exploring the provision of Direct Access and its alignment to the NICE Guidance (NG12), and trying to identify areas where a Straight-To-Test model for diagnosis of symptomatic cancer patients across South East London is preferred . 

We need to understand what levels of access are in place across South East London and if there are any additional areas that we should be providing direct access to. Our ultimate aim is to empower GPs to make referrals with equity of access to tests and achieve faster diagnosis for patients.

The following questions will help us to understand what is currently available in South East London and identify any barriers in the service provision.

The survey should take no longer than five to ten minutes to complete and all questions will be treated confidentially.

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* 1. Tell us which area/CCG you work in

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* 2. What level of knowledge do you have about the NG12 Guidance on suspected cancer?

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* 3. Is the guidance on the criteria for referral clear and easily accessible for onward referral?

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* 4. Do you have access to a Rapid Access Diagnostic Centre?

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