1. Accessible Transport

The purpose of this consultation is to discuss accessible transport options for people who cannot access regular mainstream transport. We are looking at supported/ demand responsive transport - similar to Community Cars and the Good to Go service.  We are interested mainly in the elderly, disabled, frail and vulnerable in order to reduce isolation for the people who can't get out.   We would like to develop new transport options that fills the gaps and so we need your help to tell us transport wise, What stops you getting out?

* 1. In terms of transport, what prevents you from getting out and about and doing the activities that you want to do?  (eg. I struggle walking, too far to the bus stop, I need assistance, unsteady on my feet, too expensive etc).

* 2. Is there anything that you are unable to do or attend because transport is a barrier? (eg. socialising, events, activities, going to the theatre, pub, appointments, visiting family and friends etc).  Please tell us all that apply.

* 3. Do you struggle to get on or travel on the bus?

* 4. If we were able to design alternative accessible transport solutions that fitted your needs, when would you want to use it?

  Morning Afternoon Evening
No regular pattern

* 5. Where do you live?  (Community area or postcode)

* 6. If you would like to be added to the Older Peoples Services mailing list (50+) please give us your details below.

* 7. Contact details:

* 8. What is your age?

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