About DART

Our ever-growing research team at DART (Development, Autism, Research Technology, for more info see have been incredibly busy recently with some exciting research topics. You may have noticed a flurry of surveys circulating from our group recently on a variety of topics, from understanding the social lives of bilingual autistic people, understanding the school experiences of autistic people, and finding out how technology is used in school settings by practitioners working with autistic children.

About ASD Schools Tech

This survey was about the technology that is used in autism education. Autism practitioners working in schools and other education settings were invited to share what technologies they used, and what they thought about using these technologies. Not only will this give us a good picture of what technology resources are available and used in education settings, but also will help us design future research that is relevant to staff working in this area. 

We were overjoyed to have over 100 practitioners fill in our survey, and would like to invite you back to fill in a survey about taking this survey.

So, is this ANOTHER survey?

Yes! But just a short one, and the last for a while, we promise! This survey is about your experience of taking a survey from the DART research team, and is an opportunity for our survey respondents to feedback on their experience. Were the questions too complicated, did the survey take too long, are you unsure what we were asking, or was the colour scheme off? Please tell us, so we can make our research more publicly access to the communities we aim to help through research.

This survey is the Standard Participant Question Response (SPQR), and it is a feedback tool for us at DART to check whether participants are happy with the research we are conducting. The SPQR was created by a group of autistic people based at the University of Essex, and you can read more on it here.

What will it involve?

After reading and agreeing to the information below, you will then be asked a very short series of questions about completing the survey about autism and technology. Don't worry if you did the survey a while ago and can't remember the specific details, but if anything does stand out you can let us know here. After completing the SPQR you will have another chance to sign up to any newsletters from us, or summarized results from any of our recent survey projects.

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