#10DoT Evaluation

I have sent this survey to you because you either registered for the #10DoT: Ten Days of Twitter course, which took place during March 2017, via the Anglia Learning & Teaching website, or subscribed to the WordPress blog associated with it. I am reviewing this course for the next delivery and would be grateful if you could share your thoughts with me.

Some of you registered but didn’t start, some started but didn’t finish, while others started and finished but were curiously quiet on Twitter. I would like to hear from you about your experiences on this course – what works and what doesn’t.

If you have any questions please contact mark.warnes@anglia.ac.uk

* 1. Did you start the course?

* 2. Did you finish the course?

* 3. Did the course clearly demonstrate how Twitter can work in a professional context?

Twitter Topics

* 4. The Goldilocks question - please let me know which topics have too much detail, which have too little, and which are just right

  Too much detail? Just the right amount of detail Not enough detail?
Setting up your Profile
Sending Tweets
Following People
Sending @Messages
Pictures and Videos
Managing People
Managing Information
The Past and the Future
Day 11: What next?

* 5. Which topics, if any, did you think were unnecessary, and why?

* 6. Which topics, if any, were not covered that you thought were necessary, and why?

* 7. What did you think about the method of delivery (i.e. the WordPress blog)?

* 8. Have you changed the way you use Twitter because of the course?

* 9. Is there anything else you would like to tell me?

* 10. Please enter your Twitter handle to qualify for your Digital Badge
(Leave blank if you don't want a badge)