As arts organisations come under ever more pressure to increase revenues from trading activity, how much to charge has become an important – but potentially controversial – issue.

Should arts organisations set prices to maximise income? Is airline-style pricing appropriate for the cultural sector? If you offer discounts, who should you offer them to? These are just some of the questions that anyone setting prices has to grapple with.

Whether or not you’re involved in setting prices yourself, chances are you’ll have views on ticket prices, and we want to hear from you.

In this short Pulse survey, ArtsProfessional has joined forces with pricing and earned income experts Baker Richards to find out what arts professionals think about ticket prices and admission fees.  We’ll explore the pricing dilemmas that trouble the sector and find out how organisations are making pricing decisions in the face of conflicting objectives. 

You can simply tick some boxes to indicate your responses to the main questions. But more useful still will be the comments and observations you make about how, and how much, we should be charging people to experience the arts.

This survey is completely confidential and asks only for entirely anonymous answers. AP will be working on the data analysis with Baker Richards and we will be reporting the data in aggregate form only.

But please note, any comments you make will be published and we may also quote these in the final report.

So it's important that you don't leave any comments that will identify you or anyone else. And if you make any comments that could be considered defamatory (please resist!) then these will be redacted before publication.

Thank you very much for participating.