Welcome to Aberfoyle Primary School - Outdoor learning survey

This survey has been compiled by a small group of Aberfoyle parents to assess the amount of outdoor learning you are aware your child/ren is/are receiving from the school.
This is a survey for outdoor learning; this does not include break time or gardening.
Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important.

* 1. How many children do you have at Aberfoyle nursery / primary school?

* 2. Please rate this statement: 'Outdoor learning experiences are often remembered for a lifetime. Integrating learning and outdoor experiences, whether through play in the immediate grounds or adventures further afield, provides relevance and depth to the curriculum in ways that are difficult to achieve indoors' (Quote taken from Curriculum for Excellence through Outdoor Learning)

* 3. What do you think constitutes outdoor learning?
Please detail below.

* 4. To your knowledge, how often does your child participate in outdoor learning at the school?
(excluding break times)

* 5. If you are aware of the school's outdoor learning classes, could you give examples please.

* 6. Please rate this statement: 'The school communicates well with the parents, I am very well informed about when outdoor learning is scheduled'.

* 7. Do you feel you are fully informed of any outdoor learning sessions at the school with regards to being properly prepared with suitable clothing?

* 8. Would you agree with this statement: 'Having appropriate outdoor clothing left at the school similar to the PE kit would mean my child is properly prepared for outdoor lessons'.

* 9. Please rate this statement: 'Outdoor learning connects children with the natural world, with built heritage and our culture and society, and encourages lifelong involvement and activity in Scotland's outdoors' (Quote taken from Curriculum for Excellence through Outdoor Learning)

* 10. What do you perceive to be the benefits of outdoor learning?
Please detail below.

* 11. Would you be willing to assist the school with outdoor learning in the future?

* 12. Would you like to see the 'daily mile' introduced into the school?
Click here to find out more about the daily mile

* 13. Would you like to see the school playground redeveloped?

Can you please ask your child/ren the following questions. If you have more than one child please note answers in comment box.

* 14. Do you like outside lessons at school?

* 15. What do you think outdoor learning is?
Please detail below.

* 16. What is the best lesson you did outside at school?

* 17. Would you like to do more lessons outside at school?

* 18. Do you like going outside at school whatever the weather?

* 19. If there is anything we have missed that you feel is relevant please comment & let us know:

Thank you for participating in this survey, we appreciate your time helping us.

If you would like to contact us regarding anything mentioned in this survey or would like to help please email:  FK8outside@gmail.com