Welcome to the ALSS BUDDY SCHEME 2017

Thank you for signing up to become an ALSS Buddy!

This is an exciting opportunity for you, as a voluntary ALSS Buddy, to make a real difference to students starting their new course at Anglia Ruskin in September 2017.

Please ensure you have checked the information on the ALSS Buddy volunteering page. All further details will be provided at your Buddy training session, please choose your preferred date at the end of this form.

The information you provide in the brief questionnaire below will help us to allocate your new students in September. We will try to match students up by course as far as possible, then by interests etc.

Tell us about yourself

* 1. Which campus do you attend?

* 2. Which course are you studying?

* 3. Which year are you going into?

* 4. Did you have an ALSS Buddy in your first year?

* 5. What are your interests/hobbies? You may select more than one.

* 6. Are you a member of any clubs or societies, if so which ones? 

* 7. Why do you want to become a Buddy?

Examples: to help new students find their feet, enhance my people skills, meet new people, I had a Buddy in my first year, gain valuable and recognised experience for my CV, share my knowledge of our university etc.

Nearly finished, now we just need your contact details  

* 8. Email address (ARU student email)

* 9. Student ID number

* 10. How old are you?

* 11. First name

* 12. Surname

* 13. Where is 'home'? (Country, town of origin)

* 14. Select one Buddy training session below - light lunch provided (Minimum 4 attendees required per session)

Thank you for completing the form. We will be in contact soon with all further details.

 For all ALSS Buddy scheme queries, please contact us at alss-buddies@anglia.ac.uk