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The Angling Improvement Fund is a grants scheme administered by the Angling Trust in partnership with the Environment Agency. The Fund re-invests part of the proceeds of coarse and non-migratory trout fishing licence sales back into angling improvement projects – typically improvements to facilities. We want as many anglers as possible to benefit from the funded projects. Virtually any organisation which offers angling may apply for an AIF award, and there is no requirement to be an Angling Trust-member organisation.

Since its launch in 2015, the Angling Trust has offered 7 separate rounds of AIF funding, supporting more than 240 projects. We feel this is a timely point to ask for your views on the Fund. Are new releases of funding adequately promoted? Do enough people know about it? Is it easy to make an application? Do you feel that the AIF is fulfilling its aim to improve angling facilities? What can we do better? If your club or organisation hasn’t applied to the AIF, we’d be very interested to know why.

The survey should take around 15 minutes to complete. After some questions about your organisation, we ask some questions to understand how well the Fund has been promoted. If you have made an application in the past, we ask you to say how easy (or otherwise) you found the process of applying. Next we ask you to rate the impact of the AIF on angling, both locally and nationally.  To end the survey, we invite you to suggest ways in which the Angling Improvement Fund could be made better.

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