Please refer to the Notice of Motions (AGM02/2019) for the content of the motions.

The order of business will be based on ensuring that the highest voted motion under each committee heading will be debated following the committee order as set out in this ballot.  

There are 3 committee headings under which no motions have been received:
Negotiating Committee – Cafcass
Family Court Committee
Retired Members’ Committee
Consequently, these headings are not included in the Notice of Motions or Ballot.

There are 5 committee headings under which there is only one motion:
Equal Rights Committee  (motion 32 in AGM02/2019)
Health & Safety Committee (motion 33)
National Executive Committee (motion 34)
Negotiating Committee – Cafcass/Probation (motion 35)
Trade Union Organisation Committee (motions 19)
These motions will therefore automatically be debated and not included below either.

Motions being automatically debated and constitutional amendments are not included in this ballot.

Members can vote for a minimum of 1 and up to a maximum 9 of the remaining motions.

Please note that the closing date for the ballot is: 12 noon FRIDAY 27 SEPTEMBER 2019.  If you have any problems completing this online ballot, you will also be able to find all the documents including the ballot form in Word version on the Napo website in the AGM section. You can return that to

Question Title

* 1. Please select a maximum of 9 motions from the list below and then click on Submit.