Join Action for Change and be part of something amazing!

Action for Change is an exciting Girlguiding project that will empower young members across the UK to take action and make change to the things you really care about. Find out more about Action for Change and check out some of the amazing projects Girlguiding members are running.

Who can join?
  • Girlguiding members aged 14-25 - In each Country or Region, we're recruiting up to 50 members aged 14-25 to join the programme. This is your chance to get the skills and build the confidence to make a difference to the things you care about in your area. 
  • Volunteers aged 18+ - We're also looking for 5-7 volunteer Network Coordinators in each area to support girls and young women in the network. You must be 18+ to be a Network Coordinator.

Get involved! 
In 2018 we're launching Action for Change in Ulster, Wales, South West and Anglia. 

Recruitment in Ulster and Wales will launch on Monday 5 March and in South West and Anglia later in the year. 

Recruitment has happened in London and South East England, Scotland, North East, North West and Midlands. If you're from another Girlguiding Country or Region complete the short form below and we'll let you know when Action for Change is coming to you.

We're here to help - if you have questions, you can contact us on

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You must be a Girlguiding member or volunteer aged 13-25 to apply to Action for Change or a Girlguiding member or volunteer aged 18+ to be a Network Coordinator. To be a participant on the programme you must be 14 by the time the programme launches in your area - email if you have questions about this.

* 3. What is your email address? If you are under 14 please give you unit leaders' details.

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* 5. What is your Girlguiding Country or Region?

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Thanks for completing the form! It's great that you're interested in getting involved with Action for Change. We'll be in touch when applications are open in your area.
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