Proposed New National PGT Survey - thoughts and questions from the AGCAS community

A new PGT student feedback survey is proposed by HEFCE and the other UK funding bodies. The aim is to move to one national PGT student survey (currently PTES - the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey - takes place on an annual basis).

We understand that the main drivers behind a new approach to a PGT survey are:
·         Accountability and transparency (now that the loans are available)
·         Enhancements to teaching quality
·         Student information (to inform prospective and incoming PGTs).

The aim is to develop a multi-point or rolling survey covering home/EU and international students and to ideally be able to publish results at course level or detailed subject level. The metrics will be of potential interest in any future PGT elements of TEF.

We have an opportunity to input to the informal consultation stage through the AGCAS Postgraduate Task Group attendance at a focus group on 20th September.

You thoughts, views and comments are welcome to help inform AGCAS' input to the focus group.

* 1. About you (it would be helpful if you provide some details in case there are any follow up questions Julie needs to ask. It will also be a useful indicator of whether responses to this survey represent the diverse member organisations of AGCAS. Alternatively you may choose to remain anonymous).

* 2. From a career development and employability perspective what would it be helpful to be able to measure/assess in this type of survey?

* 3. What would you not like to see measured/assessed in such a survey?

* 4. Any further comments?