* 1. Botanic Garden Details

* 2. Contact Details 

* 3. When was the botanic garden founded?

* 4. Is the botanic garden in development? (Expected opening date) /open to the public? (Date opened)

* 5. Information on current conservation projects

* 6. Information on current ecological restoration projects

* 7. What are the current activities and focus of the botanic garden? Tick all that apply and rate depending on how strong the focus is at your botanic garden

  Main focus Current activity but not main focus Not current activity but aspirational Not focus for this botanic garden
Environmental education
Sustainable use of plants
Medicinal plants
Useful plants
Indigenous plants
Exotic plants
Supply of trees for reforestation 
Plant collections and propagation

* 8. Please provide information about your living plant collections

Please send a list of the plants in your living collections to meirion.jones@bgci.org or upload to BGCI's PlantSearch database (instructions of how to do this can be found here https://www.bgci.org/resources/plantsearchuploadinstructions/)

* 9. Does your botanic garden have a nursery?

* 10. Do you have threatened tree species in your collection?

* 11. Do you have succulent species in your collection?

* 12. Does your botanic garden have a seed bank?

* 13. Is your botanic garden involved in agroforestry/tree crops?

* 14. Does your garden have skills in vegetative propagation? (Please select all that apply)

* 15. Would your garden be interested in establishing a demonstration site for agroforestry / tree crops?

* 16. Would your garden be able to deliver training on vegetative propagation techniques?

* 17. Would your garden be interested in receiving training to improve vegetative propagation skills at your garden?

* 18. Is your botanic garden involved in ecological restoration?

African Botanic Garden Network

* 19. Were you previously part of the African Botanic Garden Network (ABGN)?

* 20. Do you think it is a good idea to revive the ABGN?

* 21. What would you like a revived ABGN to offer? Please rate the following in terms of importance for you botanic garden 

  Very important Important Quite important Not important 
Online forum so African botanic gardens can keep in touch and share ideas, e.g. http://arbnet.org/forum 
Regular newsletter or bulletin with news and projects from African botanic gardens
Joint training courses
Resources developed specifically to support development of African Botanic Gardens
AFBN meetings/ congresses with opportunity for networking and presentations  

* 22. Are you able to access online resources? Please tick all that apply

* 23. What would you like a revived ABGN to offer? Please rate the following in terms of importance for you botanic garden

  Very useful Useful Quite useful Not useful
Master planning and design
Collection development
Propagation and horticulture
Records keeping
Community engagement
Developing interpretation and outreach materials
Tools for tree conservation
Forest restoration
Red listing
Seed collecting
Seed banking

* 24. Would your botanic garden be willing to:

  Yes No
Host an ABGN training course
Provide trainers for an ABGN training course
Help develop resources for the ABGN
Jointly fundraise with BGCI for ABGN operations
Provide secretariat role for ABGN

* 25. Do you want to be added to the ABGN mailing list?

* 26. Please provide additional comments or ideas for the ABGN

* 27. BGCI's GardenSearch database is a global list of botanic gardens. A lot of information on African institutions is out of date or missing. Please provide the names of institutions and contact details for additional people / organisations we should send this survey to and help us to improve our GardenSearch database.

Thank you for completing this survey.