Antonine Court Regeneration Project

Antonine Court has provided day care and social services for people with
disabilities for almost thirty years and top better meet the demands and to
serve the wider needs of the community are proposing major refurbishment of the currently dated facilities at Hecla Square, Drumchapel. This will
include a new facility which will have the access to the wider community.
Antonine Court is run by a local charity and to develop details of this
proposal are consulting with the community to identify wider support from across Drumchapel (G15 locality). This is to identify potential new purposes for the centre and local preferences regarding services, activities and
facilities which could be made available to benefit the area.

* 1. Are you aware of Antonine Court day centre in Drumchapel?

* 2. Do you feel that  new community facilities would benefit Drumchapel?

* 3. This will be a base for social gatherings and activities to benefit the area. which activities do you feel are more needed and not currently provided for in the Drumchapel G15 locality? please tick most important.

* 4. This will provide a base for organisations to offer services to benefit local area. Which services do you feel are the most           needed and not currently provided for in the Drumchapel G15 locality? tick most important

* 5. What type of facilities do you feel are the most needed to serve these purposes and not currently provided for in the
Drumchapel G15 locality? please tick most important.

* 6. Do you have any other suggestions for the improvement of the Drumchapel Area which could be addressed by this project?

* 7. As a local charity aiming to improve our community would you be interested in becoming a volunteer so you can be more         involved in this process?

* 8. Antonine Court will be opening a community membership scheme open to all residents of G15 free of charge. This membership will allow local people to have lower cost let of hall space as we aim to serve the needs of the G15 community. Are you interested in becoming a member which will also allow you to have input at AGM's and in how the organisation is run?

* 9. Please provide your contact details below;

A community open drop in event will be held locally in the coming months with project Architects designs which will allow us to
feedback results and to allow you to have an input in the development of the design plans and how you can be more involved in
the project.
Thank you for your time in completing this application which will help us plan the project to best serve the needs of
the wider Drumchapel community.