We are investigating how to represent heat loss in a map. We need your help to understand which colours better represent the level of heat loss.
The heat loss of a house is related with the energy you would need to use to keep it warm and comfortable. You could be in a nice warm place that it is losing a vast amount of heat through its roof because it is badly insulated, but you would still feel comfortable at the expense of a big sum of money to run the heating system.

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You are being asked to take part in research that is being conducted by the Open University as part of the MK:Smart project (www.mksmart.org).

The aim of the research is to evaluate colour schemes that better represent level of heat loss of buildings in an on-line map.

If you participate you will find 3 different sections. In section 1 you will be asked to select colours with a particular meaning to you. In section 2 you will be asked to classify heat loss in houses based on different colour schemes. In the last section you will be asked questions about your cultural background, your age, gender, study levels and any visual deficiency. We would like to ask you these socio-demographic questions to better understand whether these influence how people interpret the colour schemes. The survey takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

You can exit the survey at any point. As we are not collecting personal details from you (such as name, surname or address), data collected by the survey will be anonymous.

This survey has been approved by the Open University's Human Research Ethics Committee. Findings from the survey will be used for research purposes, including being used anonymously in academic publication. The raw data will be kept in Surveymonkey initially and then in a protect file for the duration of the project - until June 2017 - after which time it will be destroyed. If you have any queries or concerns, please feel free to contact Jose Cavero, using the details below.

This survey is using Surveymonkey and any information you enter will be stored temporarily in the US. By taking part in the survey you are consenting to any information that can identify you as an individual being stored in this way.

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Jose Cavero, Research Associate, STEM Faculty, The Open University, UK

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