New Service to be launched

Powys County Council is planning to launch a new green garden waste collection service for residents next year and would like to gauge interest in the service, plus views on the frequency of collections, the cost and the payment options that people may prefer.   
What is a green garden waste collection service?
It's similar to the kerbside collection you get currently for glass, plastics and paper but it'd be a service you pay extra for so your organic garden waste such as grass cuttings and leaves is taken away for you.   
Why introduce this service?
Garden waste collections are popular in many other areas and allow residents to recycle their green garden waste with ease.  By introducing this service, we will:
  1. Offer a new and alternative way for people to recycle their garden waste
  2. Increase the amount we recycle which helps the environment
  3. Help us to achieve our recycling targets and avoid Welsh Government fines.

How is garden waste currently collected?

  • Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs).  These are the manned sites at Lower Cwmtwrch, Brecon, Llandrindod, Newtown and Welshpool where you can take your garden waste and other recyclable materials. These sites will not be affected by this proposal.
  • Community Recycling (Bring) sites.  These are the banks located in various car parks around the county. Unfortunately some garden waste banks are contaminated by other materials and mean we have to landfill everything contained in the bank.   With the introduction of a kerbside collection service we will remove these garden waste banks.  
  • Paid for orange bags. These are currently given out as a last resort to residents who are unable or choose not to compost their garden waste or cannot get to one of the sites listed above.  These will no longer be available once the new service is launched.

Please give us your views by Sunday 2 December. Thank you.

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