RSY_Netzer Gap Year Survey

We would love know about what you would want from a gap year program offered by RSY-Netzer, and have created this survey to hear from you!
Whether you are thinking of taking a gap year or not it would be really useful to hear from anyone and everyone to find out where people are at.
We are working on our already successful Shnat programme and want to make it the best it can be. With your input, we will be able to do this!
We are looking forward to seeing your responses to this quick and easy survey.
Thanks for your input, and as always, please do let us know if you have any questions.

* 1. What things would make you consider taking a gap year? 

  Least Important Most Important N/A
Personal development
To earn some money
Work experience
To see the world
To volunteer and give something back to society
Not getting in to university
To take a year out of the education system

* 2. What are the things that appeal to you on Shnat Netzer (tick as many as you like)

  Least Important Most Important
Live out the movement's values
Develop myself as a Madrich/a
Social aspects- develop friendships
Commitment to RSY-Netzer
Personal growth and independence
Living in and understanding Israeli society
The opportunity to volunteer and do practical Tikkun Olam
Being on a programme with people from around the world
Explore what Judaism means to me

* 4. What experiences would you like to see on Shnat Netzer? 
We aren’t promising we can do all of these, but we would love to look in to the ones you are interested in

* 5. What would prevent you from participating in a gap year program? (click any that apply)

* 6. What are you thinking about doing next year? (rank in order)

* 7. If you could build your ideal gap year programme what would it look like?

* 8. Do you have any other ideas, thoughts or questions you would like to add?

* 9. Contact Information