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We are conducting this survey as part of our Family Matters campaign that is due to go live in May 2021 to help raise public awareness of Huntington’s disease. In order to tell a clear story to the public about Huntington’s, we want to hear from as many people as possible in the community about their experience of the disease. This survey is open to you if you have direct experience of Huntington’s, whether you have a diagnosis or gene positive test yourself, if you may be at risk, or if you care for a loved one with Huntington’s or have somebody in your family who has Huntington’s, even if you have tested negative yourself. 

We appreciate that you may find some of these questions difficult or upsetting to answer. Please get in touch with your local Huntington’s charity or association if these questions have raised difficult issues for you and you feel you need to speak to somebody.

Responses to this survey are completely anonymous. The data will be used to help share a story with the media about the support that people living with Huntington’s need as well as being of use to us within the community. 

Thank you for your support and your time in completing this survey. 

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