About the MUGA & Green Space

The Brockenhurst Village Trust (BVT) have agreed to give the opportunity for a Multiple Use Games Area (MUGA) and village green space to be developed on the old Highwood Road site.

The MUGA delivery team believe the space can be used in such a way the whole community can benefit. The area will be FREE to access and open to all residents and those visiting; the area will be fenced off from the animals and there are no plans for floodlights or a skate board park. Future developments could include table tennis tables and a petanque pitch.

Usage of the MUGA during school term time (Monday to Friday: 9am - 3pm) will be governed by a booking system. This will be available to Brockenhurst Primary School and established community groups (eg. Scouts) for long term regular bookings. These bookings will be available to view on the MUGA website. This will enable Brockenhurst Primary School to make use of the new facility and enable them to continue and develop their excellence in sport, as well as for other educational purposes. All other users, of any age or ability, can turn up and play when the court is clear. Outside of term time and at weekends it will be available for all throughout the day.

We are aiming to fund 100% of the build of the site by donations, funding and grants.

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* 1. How do you feel about a FREE to access MUGA with court markings and net sports, along with village green space with benches, lawn & bedding plants, situated on the old Highwood Road site?

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* 2. What sports would you like to see available on the MUGA court & green space? Tick all that apply

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* 3. How often are you, or someone in your household, likely to use the MUGA and green space?

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* 4. Do you have any other comments? Thank you for your time.