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We would like to invite you to comment on draft proposals for an ambitious programme of change at Wyre Forest District Council.

Our proposals would significantly change the way the council operates, the range of services we provide and the way we deliver them in future, while protecting frontline services.

Fundamental changes are necessary. Major reductions in Government funding, rising costs and the continuing substantial impact of COVID-19 mean the council is unable to continue to provide the full range of discretionary services it has in the past and will also need to review the service levels of mandatory services.

We will have a funding gap of £2.7million a year by 2022-23 which has been made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have incurred additional costs due to Coronavirus and a significant drop in income due to the pandemic, but the impacts have not been fully covered by the Government.

These financial pressures come on top of nearly a decade of austerity. General Government grants to the council have been reduced from £1.02m in 2010 to zero in 2020. Over the same time period net expenditure on services has reduced by 25%

The main concept of our budget proposals is to create a smaller council that protects front-line services. One where we deliver services differently, possibly with more shared services with other councils, moving local assets and services to town councils and joint ventures with the private sector.

We are proposing to make some difficult decisions to close the funding gap, such as ending the council's organised programme of events and activities, including the Showcase of Older People's Services and the Mike Oborski No Barriers Awards.  We are not proposing to continue the council's Community Leadership Fund scheme which allows councillors to give small grants to local organisations. Financial support to local organisations and good causes is now available to groups through the new Wyre Forest Community Lottery Scheme.

We would welcome your views on our ambitious change programme.
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