Birmingham and Solihull are changing the way maternity services are provided, and have created a partnership of local providers to make it easier to access maternity services – Birmingham and Solihull United Maternity and Newborn Partnership (Bump). 

By completing this survey you will help us to get a better understanding of non-NHS services you might have accessed during your pregnancy, birth and post-pregnancy. Your responses will feed in to the project development, as we look at offering more choice for women and families in Birmingham and Solihull.

 Thanks in advance for taking the time to complete this survey.

* 1. Did you access any non-NHS services during your pregnancy, birth or shortly after?

* 2. If Yes, what was the most beneficial service you accessed?

* 3. Were there any other services you accessed alongside this service?

* 4. What was your main motivation for accessing these services?

* 5. If no, what was the main reason for not accessing additional services during pregnancy, birth or shortly after?

It’s helpful to know a little bit more about you - please also complete the below questions.

* 6. How old are you?

* 7. Please tell us the first three digits of your postcode to help us map where women are using independent providers

* 8. Are your answers above based on your first pregnancy?