Welcome to the Landlord Law Survey

We are doing a review of the Landlord Law service and how we can improve it for you.  However, before taking any action we need YOUR input as a member.

This is quite a long survey but we want to get a feel for how you use the site and the things that you find useful - and any things you do not like.  

Please write as much as you like.  The form fields look small but can take a lot of text - you can, for example, copy and paste into them.

As a thank you for your help, when you have finished the survey, you will be re-directed to a video of David Smith discussing the section 21 rules and how they work.

The survey is divided into several sections - the first section is about your technology.  As we are an internet service, it helps if we know a bit about the technology you use  

* 1. How do you access Landlord Law?

  Never Sometimes  Often
Desktop PC
Desktop Mac

* 2. Do you consider yourself to be competent with computers or do they still confuse you?

* 3. If you have a PC running windows - which version are you using?

* 4. What internet browser do you use? (Select all that you use)