1. About You

We need some information about you to understand where the gaps exist in transport services.

* 1. How old  are you?

* 2. Do you have any physical, emotional or learning difficulties that affect your ability to travel independently?

* 3. How do you MOSTLY travel (when walking isn't possible)

* 4. Do you know about the accessible taxi bus (with paid driver) provided by North Yorkshire County Council? Please select one or more of the answers below.

* 5. NYCC could replace the taxi bus with a lease car. The user would be charged actual mileage (at .45p per mile). The community would need to find volunteer drivers. Would you be more likely to use the lease car? If so please tell us why in the comments box.

* 6. What do you know about the transport that can be arranged through Bentham GP Surgery for health appointments for people aged 55 and over?

* 7. If a community mini bus was available for hire how likely would you / your group be to make use of it?

* 8. We could develop a lift sharing scheme. You don’t need to be able to offer lifts to join the scheme. You can choose to car share as little or as often as you like. Car sharers get to reduce their fuel costs by taking passengers.  

How likely are you to particpate in a Lift Share scheme?

* 9. Do you currently use public transport?

* 10. How important to you is it for community transport to connect with public transport?