Wakefield Council is considering introducing Parking Places Orders at Holmfield Park car park (at Thornes Park), Minsthorpe Leisure Centre, Normanton Leisure centre and Library, Pontefract Pool, Stork Lodge car park (inside Thornes Park), and Thornes Park Stadium car park.

Under the terms of the Parking Places Orders, parking would now be limited to a maximum of three hours at these sites. Anyone parking longer than three hours would receive a penalty charge notice.

The purpose of the Parking Places Orders would be to free up spaces so they could be used by more people, and enable the Council to take enforcement action where required.

Please note that Pontefract Pool currently has a Parking Places Order limiting visitors to a maximum stay of two hours, so the new order would extend this by one hour.

If your feedback relates to Minsthorpe Leisure centre, please answer based on your experiences or use of the car park prior to its closure for construction works.