To: All who are or have been part of the Warrender Baths Club “Extended Family” (swimmer, coach, administrator, master, water polo player, technical official or office bearer).

Many thousands of people have “been through” the famous Warrender Baths Club over its proud 124 years history. Former members live in all parts of the world, are of all ages, are in all kinds of occupations and of none.

In order to provide you with the benefits of and networking services made possible by being part of this “community” – it will be important that our information is both reliable and up to date. Your help in this would be greatly appreciated.

Please take a few minutes to complete this form.

Your responses will help to:

• Keep in better touch with others in the Warrender Baths Club “extended family”
• Keep up to date with Warrender activities via the Club website, and a dedicated page on the Warrender website (
• Receive invitations to events, near you, even at short notice.

Your responses will help us to:

• Keep your personal details current and accurate in our database
• Gather feedback to develop future activities and initiatives that interest you
• Build up a picture of the activities and careers of former Warrender BC members
• Develop new fundraising and Warrender Association programmes of events

The Warrender Association will be a free to join organisation and open to all who have been or currently are members of Warrender Baths Club.

Marjory Verth
President of Warrender Baths Club

All information is held under the terms of the Data Protection Act (1998) which also encourages us to keep our data up to date.