* 1. Which sessions did you attend? (You can also rate them here)

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#1. Being Successful by Riaz Shah
#2. Personal Branding by Bright Ideas Trust
#3. Social Media by Accenture
#4. CV clinic & interview skills by Academe
#5. The Successful Failure by Moses Sangobiyi
#6. Money Twist by MyBnk
#7. Youth Brexit by MyLifeMySay
#8. PreparED by Citizenship Foundation
#9. Journey of an Entrepreneur by MyPocketSkill

* 2. How would you rate our guest speaker? (Apologies that Jack Parsons and Martin Tyler cancelled)

  Excellent Good Average Did not attend
Taelon Vorster, Yourfeed

* 3. How would you rate the venue?

* 4. Did you get enough information prior to the event?

* 5. Did you get what you want out of the event?

* 6. How would you rate our food?

* 7. Please provide any details of what you would like more of or less of at our next event (specific sessions, food, mentors etc)

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