Welcome to the Student Staff Survey 2020!

Thank you for participating in this survey. The aim of the survey is to find out more about your experiences as a student staff member. We want to make the student staff experience the best it can be, and to do so we need to hear your feedback, ideas and comments for how we can improve your experience and the support we give you. We want to hear what is going well, what could be improved and what we should be doing differently. 

All feedback will not be linked to you as an individual. A summary report of the key outcomes will be reported back to all student staff.

A quick note on Coronavirus 
We know the coronavirus outbreak has caused a lot of disruption for you, your University experience and the Students' Union's activities and services.

We are continuing to try and support student staff throughout this period. For this survey please submit your responses based on your experiences prior to the Coronavirus outbreak. This helps us to get a clear understanding of your experiences earlier this academic year prior to the academic year. Thank you for understanding about this. 

We really appreciate your time completing the survey. Thanks!
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