Improving opioid painkillers: Can they be made safer? (feedback survey)

We are a group of final year pharmacology students who have aimed to provide an informative video on the clinically relevant research done by professor Stephen Husbands' group at the University of Bath. Please answer the questions below after you have watched the video.  

Thank you for your time

* 1. How did you hear about this video?

* 2. I found this video engaging

* 3. This video made me aware of the side effects associated with opioid pain relief medication

* 4. After watching this video, I understand that there is a clinical need for improved opioid pain relief medication

* 5. After watching this video, I am aware of the research undertaken at the University of Bath, addressing the need for an improved opioid pain relief medication with reduced side effects

* 6. After watching this video, I understand how the side effect profile of current opioids could be improved.

* 7. Any other comments or feedback?