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Impact of covid-19: Perceptions of wellbeing in Law Teachers in the UK and in Australia

This survey is part of a process to explore how Law Teachers understand and manage their own wellbeing.   Enduring the consequences flowing from the current pandemic it is even more important to examine this issue.   
This covid-19 2020 survey is one of a series of surveys being carried by this team, the previous having taken place in 2015 (UK only) and 2017 (UK and Australia). We wish to continue to enable legal academics to voice important concerns and make suggestions for change in Law Schools and continue cross-national analysis.
The themes that resulted from our analysis of data were remarkably similar across jurisdictions and included: administrative burden, teacher support, workload, management styles, consultation and transparency, strategic priorities, autonomy, communication and respect.
The survey should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.

This survey has been distributed to all Law Schools in the UK  via the Learned Associations.     A similar survey instrument, ethically approved by Bond University will be used to gather data from Australian Law Schools.  Using the process of triangulation the anonymous data will be shared between the three researchers Caroline Strevens, Rachael Field and Colin James.

 This study is an online questionnaire. The researchers do not have access to the Law databases from which the participants are drawn. Thus we will have no means of identifying people by means of the demographic data and thus the questionnaire is anonymous. Second, the researchers will be using data summaries so all individual answers are confidential. Third, this online questionnaire is on Surveymonkey in the account of one of the researchers (Caroline Strevens) and only she (and the account administrator) has access to the questionnaire responses. We are not collecting  IP addresses of survey responses.

We plan to publish in an open access journal.  The anonymous data will be uploaded into the University’s research portal PURE as required. The dataset deposited in PURE will be allocated a DOI, and this DOI would be included in the Data Availability Statement in the article.
Participation is voluntary and you can stop at any point by clicking 'Exit this survey' on the top right part of the page.  However, once you have answered the final question and clicked SUBMIT it will not be possible to withdraw or alter the answer you have provided as we will not know which response was yours.
If participating in this study raises any issues for you, we recommend that you contact one of the following resources:
Samaritans 116 123   email or
MIND 0300 123 33 text  or

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*I have read the information above and understand by clicking ‘Yes (Proceed to Survey)' and completing the questionnaire I am giving my consent to take part in this survey and for you to use my data in the way described above.

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