The Night-time Blitz Experience

Art Shell and Grangetown Local History Society are looking for ten young people to make a night-time artwork/production, who are living in or have a connection to Grangetown.

We would like you to create a production / artwork, alongside local artists / producers, using film, light, performance, music, SFX, digital design, spoken word, installation or other areas of work for a public show / artwork.

The 10 production sessions will be led by you and the budget managed by you. Each participant will receive £10 for contributing to each session and additional money for any event stewarding.

The work, based on local memories of the Blitz in Grangetown, will be shown the evening of the 2nd January 2021, the Blitz' 80th anniversary.  

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* 1. We will be running sessions with local artists and performers. What skills would you like to explore through these sessions?

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* 2. When would you be available to take part in these sessions? Tick all that apply

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* 4. Please leave your email address if you would like us to let you know when the sessions are starting

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The sessions are due to take place at Grangetown Pavilion later on in the year if and when things have settled down with the coronavirus. We will be in touch over the next couple of months or as soon as possible with the dates and times of sessions.

More information about the Night-time Blitz Experience project can be found here or email Jo at with any ideas or questions.