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On 1st July 2021, rules changed for businesses selling products to consumers in EU countries.

The EU has introduced an EU E-Commerce VAT Package – allowing businesses to charge the relevant country’s VAT at point of sale and for reporting/remit to be actioned via an IOSS (Import One Stop Shop) intermediary to all 27 EU countries in one simplified return.

The VAT Exemption for the sale of goods below €22, where the goods have been stored outside of the EU was removed from 1st July 2021.

Whilst IOSS is designed to make remittance simple, the changes have impacted upon retail businesses in a number ways, resulting in many simply ceasing the sale of goods into EU countries.

The Independent Retail Confederation (IRC), a group of industry associations representing over 100,000 Indie Retail UK businesses, are seeking urgent input from their members impacted by the recent changes to provide us with valuable information we can present to Government.

As total UK exports to the EU in May 2021 were buoyant we fear that Government has lost sight of the impact upon the Independent Retail sector and we need to address the seriousness of this issue in a quantifiable manner.

If you sell products, plan to sell or have recently stopped selling into the EU due to the recent change in processes, please take a few minutes to complete this important survey.
Entries must be submitted before close of play on 9/8/21 in order to ensure we can get your views included in our presentation to Government.

If you know of any other Independent Retail businesses that export to the EU, please feel free to share this survey request with them, the more contributions we have the stronger our representation will be.

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* 2. Do you sell products into the EU?

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* 3. When did you become aware of the VAT Changes?

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* 4. What are/were your approximate annual sales into the EU

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* 5. What approximate percentage of your total business turnover does/did the sale of goods into the EU account for?

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* 6. Which of the following apply/applied) to your business (please tick all appropriate answers)

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* 7. We appreciate that different retail sectors have different challenges, so please use this open text box to let us know of any issues you have experienced in relation to exports into EU countries.

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* 8. Whilst this survey is anonymous, we would like to know if you would be interested in talking to us further on this subject. If so, please leave your details below (Note: we will not share your personal details with anyone unless we have received your express permission to do so).

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