Oustanding Individual Contribution

For the individual that has changed the industry for the better, this category is open to all who have made an outstanding contribution to the Internet industry in the past 12 months.

Entry criteria:

This category is open to everyone in the ISP sector and can be nominated via proxy.

Judging process:

Entrants must submit a written entry form (500 words maximum) detailing how the person made an outstanding contribution to the internet or industry in the past 12 months. This could include but is not limited to helping drive the industry forward, significant improvement at an individual company, driving standards, technology innovation.  The submission will be reviewed by the judges who will determine the shortlist and the winner.

Judging criteria:
- Exceptional contribution to the industry, company or customers

- Driving new ideas within the industry

Question Title

* 1. Please provide the following:

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* 2. Who is your nominee?

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* 3. Why do they deserve to win? (30 words)

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* 4. Case study of why this individual should win  (500 words):