By offering people the choice to become a member of Trivallis, we give them an option to play an active role in decision-making about our communities, homes and the services we offer.

Together we create great places to live and work and as part of our commitment to continuously improve, we want your opinion on what you understand about our membership and how it could look in the future.

This review is being led by our Scrutiny Panel, a group of people from our communities who have developed a small number of questions to capture your viewpoint.

This survey will take around 2 minutes to complete.

Information Notice:

Your response to this survey will be completely anonymous and the overall results will only be used in connection with the purpose of this survey.

For more information on how Trivallis complies with the Data Protection legislation, please contact Trivallis' Data Protection Officer Phil Privett at or 03000 030 888.

Question Title

* 1. Are you a member of Trivallis?

Question Title

* 2. Do you think there are benefits of being a member of Trivallis?

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* 3. As a membership organisation, do you think Trivallis needs a reward and recognition scheme?

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* 4. What kinds of things should Trivallis thank its members for? (Select all that you agree with)

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* 5. If Trivallis was to introduce a membership reward or recognition scheme, what kinds of benefits would you like to see?

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