If you visited the Master Shipwright's House as part of Open House London we'd really love to hear what you thought of it. Please respond to help us to improve what we are doing, and to find out whether we are making a difference.

* 1. Where do you live?

* 2. How did you find out about the event at the Master Shipwright's House?

* 3. What did you know about the history of Deptford and ship-building in the Royal Dockyard before you visited the Master Shipwright's House?

* 4. What do you feel you learned as a result of your visit?

* 5. Which, if any, of the following did you do during your visit? (tick all that apply)

* 6. For all the things you did, please tell us how useful they were in improving your understanding of Deptford's local history

  not useful at all fairly useful very useful
films in the house
speaking to someone from the team
reading the display information in the trailer
reading the flyer

* 7. If you want to comment in your own words about your experience of visiting the Master Shipwright's House, in particular what you learned about Deptford's history, please do so below.

* 8. What is your age?

* 9. What is your nationality?