Here in Moray we want to get it right for all young carers.  This means we want to make sure those young carers who need support get it when they need it.

We want your views on four statements that form the basis of our young carer strategy and need these views to help us make sure our we have got the strategy right.

Thank you for taking part.

* 1. To be able to help young carers, we need to know who they are, but they also need to know they're a young carer.  We want to know as early as possible that a young carer has a caring role.

* 2. Different young carers will need different types or amounts of help.  We want to make sure young carers have the right help available to them.

* 3. There are times in a young person's life where things change and they have to make choices about the future.

* 4. We need to make sure that anyone coming into contact with young people in Moray is aware of young carers and able to recognise what support they need and where to get it.