Survey Questionnaire Introduction

This study is being conducted by (IBRAHIM KHALIFA ABU ASBA) and his research committee from the Department of Faculty of Computing Engineering and Science at the University of South Wales, the research is to be submitted to the University of South Wales as a fulfillment of the requirements for the Master degree in Computer Science.

This questionnaire is part of a Msc thesis. The aim of my study is to compare two high-level programming Java and C++, based on certain criteria in a distributed system to find out how best a programming language can be selected for a project based on distributed systems. You are required to fill the questionnaire upon your skills, expertise and experience. Your views, in combination with those of others, are extremely important. So your response will be very valuable to us.

This survey consists of 22 questions and should take only 10 minutes to be completed.

Your assistance is highly appreciated.

Thank you!

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