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Blackheath Cator Estate Residents Limited (BCER) was formed in 1965 and is managed by a volunteer board of directors on behalf of the residents and shareholders with part time administrator and manager. It aims to “promote, maintain and improve the amenities of the estate and to serve the interests of the residents by managing, maintaining, repairing and providing for the upkeep of the roads and open spaces”. The estate is about 282 acres in size with over 3 miles of roadway and verges. It has 5 entrances some of which are manned during peak rush hour times. The Cator Estate is a conservation area and the Royal Borough of Greenwich inform us of all planning applications - which we may comment upon but not approve or refuse - this being RBG's prerogative. BCER is funded directly by the residents' frontage charge, from development charges and vehicle permits. Please see the accompanying charts showing income and expenditure. The Board of directors seek to gather views for a realistic 3 year strategy. What do you value about living on the Estate? What do you want to preserve, enhance or change as the existing Articles of Association etc. may now be dated? Should BCER have more powers to manage, control or change those things that concern residents? This survey is intended to help us find answers to the above - please complete as much of it you feel able to - there is an opportunity to add any other comments about the estate at the end of the questionnaire.

Below are pie charts showing income and expenditure forecasts for 2019

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