To recognise and celebrate the role that The Corner has had in Dundee we are really keen to hear from anyone who has a story or comment about The Corner over the years.

If you were ever connected with The Corner in any way, as a young person, peer educator, volunteer, parent, manager or colleague, it would be really interesting to hear your thoughts on The Corner at any time over the last 21 years.

Your stories and comments can be anonymous, and they will influence the material produced as part of the 21st birthday celebrations throughout 2017.

* 1. What connection do you have to The Corner?

* 2. Your comments/story about The Corner. (No word limit)

* 3. I would like this story/my comments to be noted as mine?

* 4. I would like to be contacted if my story/comments will be part of Corner 21 promotion?

* 5. I would like to be given updates about The Corner's 21st Birthday year