Oxfordshire County Council has put forward a proposal for one large council to replace the existing six councils.  

This would only save 2.4%, whereas currently West Oxfordshire District Council, through working in partnership with a number of neighbouring councils, is already saving around 15% with further efficiency savings planned.  

Creating a large single Oxfordshire council would put these savings and the local services you value, such as free car parking, at risk. 

Would you like to see more options that:

* Deliver greater savings than the 2.4% proposed through the single Oxfordshire council model, such as councils working together and working more efficiently, without cutting frontline services?

* Improve and safeguard local services?

* Are there any additional comments you would like to add?

* About you:

Thank you for your comments.

We will use these in our own response to Oxfordshire County Councils 'One Oxfordshire' consultation which ends on 28 February.
For more information about their consultation, see: www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/oneoxfordshire