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We’ve developed a scientific app solution to the common problem of everyday forgetfulness for tasks.  It is called Natural Reminders (NR). NR is 100% FREE to use.  What is different about NR is that its core functionalities – (affectionately called) The Conveyor Belt and pop-up pre-reminders – are firmly rooted in psychological theory of how the brain-mind manages memory for tasks/intentions throughout the day.  Coupled to that we’ve added full voice functionality, easy rescheduling (voice and drag’n’drop) and several other very helpful features that makes NR 100% effective - if you use it daily.  NR is super-easy to set up reminder tasks and pop-up pre-reminders. (Type only when privacy is required.) NR reminders us in a natural way, but without human error. You need 'not' ever again forget to do something you want/need to – if you use NR.

Soon, NR will also have a novel in-built feature called My Memory.  My Memory will be a paid for monthly subscription service that users can login to if they want.  My Memory collects user’s memory statistics and displays them in simple graph forms.  Subscribers log-in to see how their memory changes from month-to-month and - eventually - will see longer trends of how their memory for tasks is performing over months or years.

We are also interested in understanding better how memory for tasks works in real life.  NR doubles up a memory research tool for tasks.  This has never been done before.  For more information, please read the short HELP section inside MENU (inside the NR app and on called – ‘Help further our research.’

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