Please complete the following questions to register your interest in participating in Culture24's Let's Get Real 6 collaborative action research project which is exploring digital social purpose for museums. 

For more information about the project please see here

Please complete these by Friday 8th December 2017. We will follow up with a phone conversation to ensure the project meets your needs and answer any questions. Meanwhile if you want to discuss the project contact Sejul Malde on on 01273 623266

1. What is your name?

2. Which organisation are you from?

3. Please provide a link to your website.

4. What is your role there?

5. What is your email address?

6. What is your contact telephone number?

7. The project participation fee is dependent on the total income of your organisation from all sources in the last reported financial year. 

According to your last set of documented accounts, which of these income bands does your organisation fall within?

8. The participation fee is also dependent on whether you are a museum that has national status or major regional status per the terms of the NMDC membership? Please indicate whether this is the case.

9. We are providing 2 subsidised places for very small organisations.

(These are organisations which EITHER:

- Have a total income from all sources in the last reported financial year of under £10,000, OR
- Have no more than 5 full time paid staff)

Please indicate if you qualify (per these criteria) and would like to be considered for one of these places. 

(Please note that if we receive more than 2 applications for these places, we will decide based on your answers to Q10)

10. How would your organisation benefit from participating in LGR6? (max 200 words)

11. Please indicate how ready your organisation is to sign up to this project if accepted?