Background and Instructions

Thank you for participating in this survey, your feedback will form part of an analysis of community members attitudes to the ICH S7 guidance.

The survey is open until 30 August 2019, should take less than 10 minutes to complete. The survey requests information on your opinion of the tests which should be included in different aspects of the guidance. Please answer as many questions as possible with as much information as possible. Questions preceded by * require an answer to proceed. Additional details are available on the information sheet, which can be downloaded here.

Aim & scope: To collect high level viewpoints from active members of the safety pharmacology community on the value of the ICH S7 guidance. The data will be presented at the SPS 2019 Annual Meeting. 

Eligibility: We welcome responses from those working in drug development, those working for contract research organisations (CROs) and those working in other roles, such as consultants and regulators. We would like to receive responses from those who generate, work with or make decisions based on ICH S7 and related guidance.

Data Management: All data collected in this survey will be anonymised and treated in strict confidence. The NC3Rs data management plan for this survey is available on request.

Ethics approval: Ethics approval has been given by the Social Science Research Ethical Review Board at the Royal Veterinary College (Ref: URN SR2019-0293).

Please read the following statements. If you agree with these and wish to take part in the study, please select “I understand the above points and consent to take part”. If you do not wish to take part, please select “I do not consent to take part”.
  • I confirm that I have fully read and understood all the information on the information page and that I have had the opportunity to ask questions. If I asked a question I was given a satisfactory answer.
  • I understand and acknowledge that this investigation is designed to promote scientific knowledge. I understand that my responses collected during the study may be looked at by individuals from the NC3Rs.
  • I understand that the anonymous study data collected from me as part of the study will be made available as “open data”. This means the anonymous study data will be publicly available and may be used for purposes not related to this study. I also understand that these data will be anonymous and it will not be possible to identify me from these data.
  • I understand that the anonymous study data collected for this study may be used in future research projects but that the conditions on this form under which I have provided the data will still apply.

Question Title

* Do you consent to take part in the survey?