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* 9. RedPen Editing is a subscription-based service.

For a monthly fee of £10, you have access to a tip a day via the RedPen Editing Facebook and to a series of RedPen Editing courses via the ScrivenerVirgin website.

The programme starts again in April 2020 and the courses are released every six weeks or so, following a live webinar to introduce the course and answer any questions.

If you start late, you will follow in the tracks of other students, gaining access to the next course in the series every six weeks after you join.

There is no rush to complete the courses. For as long as you subscribe, you have access to all courses released to date and can attend the live webinars.

The subscription fee for RedPen Editing is £10 per month and you need to set up a standing order, the first payment being as soon as you want to join and then subsequent payments on the 1st of each following month.

The payment should be to sent to Mrs J Lawson (that's my old married name, and my business account); sort code 20-97-58; a/c number 70604054. Please use your surname and RPE as your reference.

If you don't have a sterling bank account and wish to pay through PayPal, my PayPal address is scrivenervirgin@gmail.com. It's not possible to set up a standing order with PayPal, so I recommend - to avoid missing a payment and accidentally unsubscribing - you transfer enough to cover at least the first three months of your course.

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If you have any questions, please email me at anne@scrivenervirgin.com