Understanding ESOL provision for Women

Wonder Foundation and Beyond the Page, with support from NATECLA, are looking to understand more about ESOL provision for women in the UK. This questionnaire should take you 5-10 minutes. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and experience with us. 
Dr Sheila MacDonald
Olivia Darby 

* 1. My organisation is called:

* 2. We are a: 

* 3. We are located in:

* 4.  Are you offering women-only programmes or activities?

* 5. We offer:

* 6. How long has your organisation been working with women who are trying to learn English?

* 7. Who is present in these activities, other than the language-learners themselves and the activity leader/ teacher?

* 8. Please briefly describe the activities you offer (e.g. We offer 3 accredited intermediate classes a week and 6 non-accredited classes delivered by volunteers. We also offer cookery sessions 3 times a week with mothers and children invited to come for a meal afterwards)

* 9. What are the mother tongues of the women attending?

* 10. What are the nationalities of the women attending?

* 11. What are the religions of the women attending?

* 12. Typically, how long have the women that you work with been living in the UK?

* 13. Typically, what is the education level of the women your work with?

* 14. Do the majority of women you work with have dependents (children, sick or elderly people who rely on them for day-to-day help?)

* 15. Why do the women you work with want to learn English?

* 16. What impact does your provision have on women's learning?

* 17. What impact does your provision have on women's wellbeing?

* 18. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?

* 19. We might like to contact you to learn more about your work! Please indicate your consent by giving us your email address: